Interested in purchasing a Free Standing Single Tenant Triple Net Lease Property for 1031 Exchange?

At Triple Net Investment Group, we have redefined the mode of Triple Net property investment for 1031 exchange and niche clients with our extraordinary services. We specialize in the sale of Single Tenant NNN Lease Properties and NNN Lease Shopping Centers for 1031 Exchange. Today, with the seamless assistance of our experts most investors consider investment in triple net properties the best investment option because of its multiple benefits. Let it be buying or selling single tenant properties, we are expert in the entire let lease property related deals. Our head office is based in Falls Church, VA and we offer advisory and consulting services in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and all 50 states with a network of experienced brokers. Our top-notch clients include property owners, tenants, investors, developers and many more. We are dedicated to offer the highest level of services at reasonable fees. With the combination of our hard work, practical knowledge, skills and dedication, we are able to offer buyers with the most suitable property investment options and seller with the specialized strategies to maximize property value and appreciation.

We are a leading company that has years of experience in the investment of net lease properties. Therefore, our experts are able to understand the different needs of different clients at the best level. Whether, you are the first time investor in nnn properties or the experienced investor, we can help you in every step of the investment process. Our experts can let you know more about buying, selling, leasing and tax benefits of single tenant triple net properties. Such investment is also highly beneficial for inexperienced investors and aged people who do not want to take the responsibility of landlords because there is no financial management and maintenance responsibility for landlords in Single tenant net leased properties. The tenants are responsible for all the expenses including taxes, payment of insurance premium and any type of building maintenance and real estate management. In most cases, even the maintenance of roof and structure is covered in the nnn lease signed by the tenants. So, owners can enjoy the consistent monthly income and annual cash-flow without any hassle, tension and extra effort.

Benefits of 1031 Exchange Tax Rule in NNN Property Investment

The most striking benefit about the NNN property investment is that it can be sold according to the tax rule of 1031 exchange. Such property can liquidate immediately according to this special tax rule. Owners can also acquire another property that has equal or similar value by selling or exchanging the existing one. Transaction under the special tax rule can save large amount of money by not paying tax for the earning that the owners have made by selling the former single tenant properties or net lease properties (this property is also know as coupon clippers). Investment in bonds, stock market, mutual fund, REIT, etc. cannot give such tax advantage that investment in Triple Net Single Tenant Properties and NNN Triple Net Leased Shopping Centers can give.

NNN Property Listings



4700 S Cedar Street,
Lansing, MI 48910
Price: $ 2,733,500,
Cap: 4.25%


7489 Limestone Drive,
Gainesville VA 20155
Price: $ 4,081,044,
Cap: 4.5%


5001 Forest Hill Ave,
Richmond, VA 23225
Price: $ 4,339,200,
Cap: 5%


220 N. Alexander Avenue,
Port Allen, LA 70767
Price: $5,782,608,
Cap: 5.75%



104 Lakeview Dr,
Charleston, WV
Price: $ 2,898,000.00,
Cap: 5.5
Status: Sold

Olive Garden

12980 Fair Lakes Shopping,
Fairfax, VA
Price: $ 5,897,452.00,
Cap: 4.75
Status: Sold

CVS Pharmacy

5100 S. Laburnum Ave,
Richmond, VA
Price: $ 6,287,620.00,
Cap: 5
Status: Sold


6100 N Freew 326 ,
Fortworth TX
Price: $10,175.00
Cap: 7.25
Status: Sold


Corporate Tenant Credit Ratings

Find out more about the credit rating of the tenant before purchasing.


NNN 1031 Exchange Property Investments 

How much money can be saved through a 1031 Property Exchange?



How safe are the NNN triple net investment grade free standing single tenant properties?

Why investors should trust the services of Triple Net Investment Group Inc?
  •  We have years of experience in NNN properties and Triple Net Leased Shopping Centers 
  • Our company is managed by a licensed Real Estate Broker, Member of CCIM and Independent Contractor who is associated with leading companies.
  • We have access to an extensive nnn listings
  •  We do not charge finder fees
  • Work for the benefit of buyers/sellers and landlords/tenants
  • We are updated with the latest market information
  • We facilitate 24 hours emergency consultation services 
  • Assure the utmost client’s satisfaction with our excellent services and many more… 
 Some major investment benefits of single tenant NNN properties and NNN Triple Net Leased Shopping Centers:

  Landlords have no  management responsibilities

Exempted from payment of real estate taxes and property insurance policies 

Benefits of 1031 exchange tax rule in case of sale and depreciation on improvement 

Assure monthly income according to the deal signed between the tenant and landlord 

Assure appreciation of property value annually 

Assure monthly income 

Leased out only to credit tenants 

Hassle-free transfer of property to the future heir and many more…

Investment in the single tenant properties has the above stated benefits for landlord. However, like any other investment it also has some risk that can be easily avoided by few simple wise steps. Our experts will help the clients to investigate the credit tenant’s business before you actually invest in them. Our investigation includes Market feasibility, location & site feasibility and financial feasibility. Some other essential categories of investigation are  debt to equity ratios, operating margins, stability of management and many more.  

Our experts have the knowledge and updated market information on the NNN triple net single tenant properties. Therefore, we are able to consult and guide clients so that they can make the right decision on every step. In order to broaden the property search for our clients we have access to the extensive inventory of NNN triple net single tenant properties throughout the United States.

All of our clients have experienced unlimited benefits with the assistance of our knowledgeable and skillful professionals. To provide the highest quality and on time services is our main priority. So, associate with us to enjoy hassle free and incredible growth in your NNN property investment. Clients can either give us a call or drop an email to know more about us and our unmatched services.

Triple Net Investment Group Conclusion

Triple Net investments are relatively easy and safe for investors to engage in, as they are hassle-free transactions with minimal costs, and present a minimal risk with strong tenants and long leases. At any time the investor can cash-out, often with a profit, by selling the property. The investor also can hold the property, allow it to further appreciate in market value, and lease it again at a higher rate to the original tenant or a new tenant when the lease term expires.

NNN Deals are subject to standard real estate due diligence, including location, local market conditions, building size, quality, use, and the lease terms. Do your home work and structure the deal to profit. Just as location determines its competitive position within a market, local trends in population demographics, employment, and income affect the marketability of a property. Analyzing the demographic trends of population growth, income, and employment in the local market will tell you where opportunity lies, or not.