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NNN Properties for 1031 Exchange 



Looking for a Lucrative Triple Net Lease Property for 1031 exchange in an Ideal Location ? 

In today's real estate world, investors prefer to invest in the most advantageous triple net lease or NNN properties. A triple net property is a single tenant property leased to tenants with high credit ratings. It is a secure investment option for those individuals, or their trusts, who wish to have their investment sheltered by depreciation, grab capital gains advantages and desire to have little to no management responsibility. While you decide to invest in the field of commercial real estate, you can choose from among a slew of options available in the market. Some prominent names in the list include  Absolute Triple Net (NNN), Triple Net Lease (NNN), Ground Lease, Leasehold NNN properties, Zero Cash Flow, Single Net (N) Properties, Double Net (NN) Properties, Sale Lease Back, Build to Suit,     1031 Exchange, NNN Single Tenant Properties etc. At Triple Net Investment Group, we assist you to invest in the best possible commercial properties, hence enabling you to accomplish the motive behind your investment.  

How We Can Help With 1031 Exchange Properties? 

We specialize in the sale of NNN Triple Net Properties for 1031 exchange and passive investments. We are committed to providing superior grade real estate 1031 exchange services to our clients in the entire United States, including Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland and all the other states. Be it to invest in the property for 1031 exchange or you wish to make passive investments, we hold proven expertise in the NNN Triple Net properties for all such purposes. Our services subsume net lease advisory, investment sales as well as consulting. 

Collaboration with well-known agents, developers, and brokers further helps us to offer beneficial NNN properties. Our experts keep you aware of all the 1031 exchange requirements and guidelines to help you act rightly during all the stage of your investment process. Their deep industry knowledge, market information, and expertise will further prove to be helpful for your cause. They can suggest you better on the investment matters. Furthermore, with clients such as asset manager, owners, commercial real estate investors, landlords, and property developers, we are in a better position to help you close the best deal.  

Backed by rich expertise, extensive knowledge and updated market information, our experts are able to wisely guide on how and where to invest your valuable money. We share valuable information, tips, and resources to help you grab the hottest NNN deals. We offer useful information on tenant credit information, store sales, lease terms, options, renewal rates, rent escalations, location analysis, site analysis, market analysis, demographic data, returns on investment, internal rate of returns after taxes and more to help you make informed decisions. Our motto is to build a solid relationship with our clients and keep them updated on lucrative net lease options so that they can maximize their returns on their investments.  

Advantages of Owning NNN Property  

·        Acquisition of Net lease properties at affordable cost 

·        Security for both the tenant as well as the landlord

·        Minimal risk and assured cash return

·        Guaranteed depreciation of NNN property with yearly cash return from income taxes

·        Bright scope of appreciation of the NNN properties during the lease term

·        Freedom for the tenants to rearrange or add to the property 

·        Beneficial ownership for the landlord  

·        Least or no maintenance and management responsibility with the property owner

·        Tenants are required to pay property maintenance, insurance and taxes 

Major benefits of 1031 Exchange rules in NNN Property

Investment in NNN lease properties is a beneficial option if you are desirous of deferring payment of capital gain taxes under 1031 exchange.  It helps the taxpayers to shelter their investment by depreciation, makes the most of the advantages from capital gains and sets free, or limits the management responsibility.


1031 Exchange is the rule for property exchange that is included in the United Stated Internal Revenue Code Section 1031. It permits the owners to relinquish or exchange properties of like kind, without requiring them to pay the taxes on capital gains. As an investor, you can re-invest the gains in similar properties in exchange for an old property. 1031 exchange guidelines also offer the provision to exchange a rental property that has its market value appreciated. The monetary gains thus obtained can be invested back in real properties that are expected to become a beneficial investment prospect in the better future. The series of exchanges save you from paying taxes as you keep on re-investing the capital gains, and lead to quicker accumulation of equity.


Why Should You Choose  Triple Net Investment Group for NNN Property 1031 Exchange? 



·        Member of National Ass ociation of Realtors and CCIM

·        Licensed Real Estate Advisory firm  

·        Furnishes updated market info about net lease properties 

·        Provides listings, tips, demographics, maps and much more  

·        Helps clients gain access to reliable resources for property search and listings 

·        Emancipates the purchasers, tenants and property finders from paying commissions 

·        Works actively toward client’s satisfaction, whether buyers, sellers, landlords or tenants 

·        Experienced staff with adequate knowledge of 1031 exchange guidelines 

·        Round the clock emergency consultation services to clients 

·        Location specific property listings as per the client’s demand 

·        Deals with only good rating credit tenants, like 7-eleven, Bank of America, CVS, Walgreens, McDonald, FedEx, Shell Oil and more




Are you looking for a specific location or tenant for your 1031 Exchange ?


At Triple Net Investment Group, we deal with only good rating credit tenants. Some of the major tenants are : 7- Eleven, Advance Auto Parts, Applebee's, AT, Autozone, Bank of America , BB, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Blockbuster, BP, Burger King, Chase Bank, Chevron, Chili's, Citibank, Costco, CVS, Dollar General, DaVita,Exxon Mobil, FedEx, Food Lion, Foot Locker, Gap, Goodyear, Home Depot, Jack in the Box, JC Penney, Jiffy Lube, Key Bank, KFC, Kindercare, Kmart,Kohl's, Lowe's,McDonald, Nordstrom, Office Depot, Office Max, Olive Garden, Pep Boys, PetSmart, Pizza Hut, PNC Bank, Popeyes, Radio Shack, RBC Bank, Regal, Rite Aid, Ross Stores, Ruby Tuesdays, Safeway, Sears, Staples, Starbucks, Shell Oil, Taco Bell, Target, T-Mobile, Verizon, Wachovia, Walgreen, Wal-Mart, Wells Fargo, Wendy's, Whole Foodsand many more. All these firms and corporate are given good and standard credit rating by renowned firms such as  Standard and Poor's, Moody's, and Fitch.  




What is Triple-Net (NNN)  Properties?

Why not single net (N) or double net (NN) properties?                     



Corporate Tenant Credit Ratings

Find out more about the credit rating of the tenant before purchasing.



How safe are the NNN triple net investment grade free standing single tenant properties? 


Triple Net lease Property for 1031 Exchange  

How much money can be saved through a 1031 Property Exchange?

Call or e-mail us and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We know of properties for sale that aren't listed or advertised. Email: info@nnndeals.com Tel:   202-361-3050 


Bottom Line


Buying a triple net lease property for 1031 exchange can be a great way to earn stable income with minimal risks, only if you have done your homework well. Make sure the lease to include provisions to cover up future tax increases and inflation. Also, screen your tenant well to ensure that they have a strong business, pay lease rates on time and keep your building in good condition in proportion to their risk factor as a long-term tenant. Be sure to conduct investigation on property and its location. Since selling or buying commercial real estate properties requires skills and updated market information, it is never an easy task for you. Feel free to contact us for the property listings, advice or information on the best NNN property options. 

Please contact us if you are buying or selling a net leased property.

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